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Antique & Treasure Hunting in Southern California



A fun portion of my trip to California was spent antiquing.  We went to two areas–Solana Beach and Ocean Beach, both near San Diego, both totally different. Solana Beach was sort of in an upscale area, while Ocean Beach was right on the ocean and had more of a surfer-dude vibe. It is interesting to compare the two after spending a day antiquing in each. I thought I would be able to find more jewelry in Solana Beach than Ocean Beach–but I was wrong!


Solana Beach has its own “Design District” full of amazing shops and boutiques.  In Solana, we focused mainly on one large antique place since time was limited. It is called the Antique Warehouse, known to have over 101 vendors inside. The amount of items was overwhelming, but in a good way. They have about ten large glass cases full of fine, antique jewelry. At the time, nothing jumped out at me and items that I did sort of like were priced higher than I was willing to spend. I always make sure not to buy for the sake of buying when it comes to jewelry–I have to REALLY like something before I purchase. That is the biggest tip I have when it comes to antiquing.


After looking for a whole solid hour, I went back to this velvet jewelry box from the ’70s that I thought was so amazing. I like the color and especially the golden puma on top. I loved that the bottom had “Made in Italy” in gold written, which sealed the deal for me. My grandparents would be proud.

Antique Warehouse
212 South Cedros Avenue
Solana Beach, CA 92075


The final antique trip was made to Ocean Beach a few hours before my plane was set to leave. At this point I had not purchased any jewelry yet! Newport Avenue is full of antique shops and neat places to grab a bite to eat. We started with several shops, and left disappointed at each one. My departure was quickly approaching, but we were told that Empire Enterprises had “a lot” of estate and antique jewelry.


And wow, did we hit the motherload! I was in heaven and it was nice to find out that this place had been owned for over 30 years by the same people who enjoy buying and selling items people don’t want anymore. The neatest thing was something I spotted and had to ask about. It was a large treasure chest full of rings–just piles of them, about 200 I’m guessing. If a customer would like, they can go to town looking through the entire treasure chest and “treasure hunt” themselves. Each item in the chest was priced incredibly well. It took me about 15 minutes to go through all 200 rings, but I came out with three that I love.

[10k white gold onyx ring
14k yellow gold, filigree rhodolite garnet solitaire ring
18k yellow gold curved diamond band]

Empire Enterprises Antiques
4926 Newport Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107

Off to sunny California…



Hey readers!  I am off to California for a few days–won’t be back until Wednesday.  Many exciting things to share when I get back.  Of course I will leave you with some fun posts to read!  xoxo Gem Gossip

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Jewelry Inspiration Board




Sissi Portrait





{inspiration is everywhere; here in order, to name a few:
stacked bracelets riding with the top down,
that shield cut is killer via JessicaMcCormack blog,
images of royalty provide endless jewelry inspiration,
collection of antique rings via ErieBasin,
the lovely Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi,
unset diamonds are fun to play with via Jessica McCormack blog,
crests & emblems are obsessions}

Ariel Gordon Jewelry Giveaway!!



Gem Gossip has teamed up with Ariel Gordon Jewelry to bring an amazing giveaway! Not only is Ariel Gordon gracious enough to do a giveaway, but from now until October 23, readers will receive a discount of 25% off any Ariel Gordon Jewelry purchase! Just enter code: GEMGOSSIP for your 25% off discount!

Ok, so wanna hear the amazing giveaway prize? It is a gift certificate worth $100 at Ariel Gordon Jewelry! All you have to do to enter is go to Ariel’s website, take a look at her pretty jewelry, pick a favorite (tougher than you think!), and leave a comment stating which piece is your favorite. That’s it. The giveaway winner will be chosen and announced a week from today. Good Luck!

Here are some pretty possibilities:


14k yellow gold Square Studs, price: $298


14k yellow gold Rose Cut Iolite ring, price: $440


14k yellow gold Zodiac Charm Necklace, price: $260

√√√Check out the Question & Answer interview with Ariel Gordon in our Designer Spotlight here.

Drape Chain Charm Bracelet



{14k yellow gold drape chain bracelet
14k yellow gold St. Anthony Medallion charm}

{14k yellow gold textured band
10k yellow gold antique panther ring}


A Gem Gossip “Do-It-Yourself:”

How to get the drape chain, charm bracelet look:

1. Get three very fine 14k gold chains (these came with pendants I’ve purchased that seem too thin to wear on a necklace alone)
2. Clasp them together, so that one clasp connects to the other’s end ring, and do the same with its other end
3. Wrap around your wrist and add a round medallion charm


Snapshots of my Antique Jewels




[top photo]

14k yellow gold
knot brooch with enamel
circa 1890 from
Joseph & Company Estate Gold Jewelry
featured at the Nashville flea market
at the TN State Fairgrounds

14k white & yellow gold
diamond & sapphire
filigree ring from
Steve’s Pawn Shop
113 E. Side Square,
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

14k yellow gold
black enamel panther
ring with diamond eyes from
Steve’s Pawn Shop
113 E. Side Square,
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

14k yellow gold
sapphire & diamond pendant
circa 1950s from
Walton’s Antique & Estate Jewelry
410 Main St., Franklin, TN

14k rose & white gold
brooch with diamond &
seed pearls from
eBay seller: barbara*s-lost-and-found

[bottom photo]

14k white gold ring
ruby & 2 diamonds
circa 1930s from
eBay seller: mrwatch

14k white gold
sapphire eternity band
from Dover Jewelry

14k white gold
quarter carat diamond
with 2 triangle shaped sapphires
from an old watch shop in
Upstate New York

I’m just tryna change the color on your mood ring



[right hand]

14k rose gold
diamond & sapphire
antique stick pin
converted into a ring
from eBay user: jgoldilox

10k yellow gold
heart ring
given to me by
my sister ALisha

[left hand]
10k rose gold
flower ring
from Ruby Lane


Backwards Necklace like Criss Cross



Inspired by this post, I tried the backwards necklace look. If you want to try this out for yourself, I suggest first purchasing a shirt that will let you get this trend right. Something with a low sweeping back–the lower you choose, the longer the necklace can be. I chose a long link necklace in 14k yellow gold with a large 18k yellow gold flower pendant.

Will you try this look?

***Check out my etsy shop I just opened…I will be adding three new charity bracelets using the new cord colors I just got. If you want a particular color not shown, let me know!


Trip to GIA Museum: Carlsbad, CA


Huge sculpture of Rutilated Quartz (it is three pieces) from Bahia, Brazil

Place: Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Museum
5345 Armada Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Scheduled Tour (make sure to email to schedule your tour, they won’t let you pass the gate otherwise)


Closeup, this Rutilated Quartz sculpture weighs 800 pounds!

The tour was very informational, and the aspect I enjoyed most was the entire ambiance of the facility. The bright and open atmosphere was reflective, shiny and truly captured what a gem-filled building should be like. The tour was an hour long, and although many of the facts and figures shared were not new to me, I learned an interesting fact about opals. I wondered why the opals were displayed with tiny shot-glass size amounts of water–well, the opals need moisture since they tend to dry out if they are not exposed to any. News to me! It’s always fun to learn new things, but even better to see cases upon cases of gemstones. Each case was labeled with several examples of each, anything from maw sit sit, to tourmaline, to zircons.

Each picture highlights my favorite parts of the GIA Museum.


Some examples of gemstones


Rough diamonds on an old sketch


"El Itoco" Emerald: 471.6 carats!


Love these earrings with the stones cut into star shapes


21,290 carats of Rock Crystal: took 500 hours to cut, one of the largest stones cut to date


Shovel full of a variety of gemstones, the ultimate gift I want this

For more information about GIA, including featured exhibits.

A Trip to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Flea Market


Summer is all about antiquing and checking out flea markets–but I was in over my head with the added summer heat. I checked out the flea market at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, in Nashville.  After enduring 95 degree haziness, lots of walking, lots of sweating, I spotted a beautiful antique brooch. The vendor was from Florida and had an amazing assortment of antique and vintage fine jewelry. Luckily his tables were extremely crowded, because when it was finally my turn to ask about the pin, he knocked $100 off of the pricetag!


My knowledge about jewelry led me to believe I got a really good deal, but to make sure I brought it to be thoroughly cleaned and checked out by a local antique jewelry shop. Turns out the brooch is circa 1890 and used to have a watch attached. It also has a folding bail that folds outward so a chain could be strung through, turning it into a necklace. Antique jewelry was often very versatile and came as 3-in-1, or 2-in-1.


A concern of mine before purchasing the brooch was the evident oxidizing of the gold. It almost looked dirty or tarnished. At first I was questioning the hallmark of 14k because I thought real gold never tarnishes. However, the antique jeweler informed me that because of its age, it had oxidized and most of it was removed after the brooch received a deep cleaning. If the brooch were 10k rather than 14k, the entire piece would have been blackened from oxidization.

Some interesting knowledge to pass on to my readers!

Significant Jewelry: Family Heirlooms



Family Heirlooms


There are some jewels and gems that are just, well, jewelry…then there are those special pieces that have meaning, that are incredibly significant, and represent an entire soul. We call these family heirloomsjewelry meant to be passed down from one generation to the next. Treasures like these are what I love about antique jewelry, and what captivates me most. So many pieces of antique jewelry have a secret story behind them, often left untold. That is, not unless we share our stories behind our passed down treasures.

This is where you, as readers, come into play. I’d love for you to share your story behind any significant piece of jewelry that you own which has been passed down to you. Add pictures for others to see, to capture your story, and make it come to life. Let the sharing begin!

Email your stories behind your gems at:

HOORSENBUHS: Gem Gossip Inside Look


Brand Liaison, Kether Parker showing off some designs

Gem Gossip hit up the west coast and was graciously invited to check out the jewelry design studio of HOORSENBUHS, located just outside of Los Angeles. Greeted by Designer & Owner, Robert Keith and Brand Liaison, Kether Parker, we walked into the 1940s Quonset Hut, where HOORSENBUHS calls home. One would never expect this hut to be a jewelry designer’s stomping grounds, yet it serves as a great decoy for the looming paparazzi when some of their celeb clientele stop by; people such as Paris Hilton, Rosario Dawson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Dave Navarro, amongst others.


HOORSENBUHS jewelry studio


Jeweler's Work Bench, Where all the magic happens

Gem Gossip had an inside look into how this high-end jewelry company is doing things differently and easily succeeding, while catching everyone’s attention. We also got a feel for how each customer gets their very own personalized jewelry buying experience when walking through these doors.


left, Kether Parker, Brand Liaison, right, Robert Keith, Designer & Owner

A “customer” is the wrong word to describe someone who purchases a piece from HOORSENBUHS. The experience of buying is so hands-on, you get “play around” with the jewelry, and choose what metal you prefer, what diamonds you want. Designer Robert Keith and Brand Liaison Kether Parker are passionate about what they do and want you to feel the same way. You basically walk into a whole new dimension of jewelry design with a whole new level of personalization.


me falling in love with their rings

At HOORSENBUHS, this is where you take control, and Robert & Kether are there to guide you and make the experience fun! Make an appointment, stop in, hit up the punching bag, play a diddy on the guitar or bang on their drum set, all while customizing any of their classic Tri-Link motif jewelry pieces. Now, that’s much better than talking to a stuffy sales associate at any jewelry store, right?


the leather wrap-around bracelet makes a great headband

And there’s so many goodies to choose from. Want to shine like Rihanna? Then pick the Phantom ring...Rihanna has two! Or go for a classic and get the Quad Link…Snoop Dogg never takes his off, I don’t think you will either! My favorite? The Phantom ring, customized in 18k yellow gold with black diamonds! A ring this fierce can change the way you look, entirely. The fast-selling, leather wrap-around bracelet is killer and made to fit.


HOORSENBUHS on every finger!

Gem Gossip cannot wait to get a glimpse of the jewelry set for Fall 2009. From what Robert & Kether described, the style and uniqueness will be unprecedented. I can already imagine the designs on runways.
Be sure to check out some upcoming important dates for HOORSENBUHS, such as the trunk shows for Barneys New York.  To learn more, click here.

The latest happenings at HOORSENBUHS:

  • an Elle magazine editorial coming out in their September issue
  • C magazine is doing a piece on the new Atelier for their September issue


Off to the West Coast…


See you in a week…we will be back with many exciting posts!  Stay tuned!   


xoxo Gem Gossip

A Peek into Gem Gossip’s Jewelry Armoire



  • Jewelry Armoire: The Lori Greiner Jewelry Cabinet in white, available from QVC
  • I added black & white photographs of my grandparents taken when they were younger, to add to the vintage vibe
  • My rings are organized as so: 
  •                top row- bands that I mix and match, 
  •                2nd row- all antique white gold,
  •                3rd row- all yellow gold, both vintage & new

How do you organize your jewelry?  Feel free to email pictures of peeks into your jewelry box by emailing 


.::Gem Gossip Head Band::.


Photo 18

Gem Gossip is excited to release a headband available for purchase!  Thank you loyal fans, readers and jewelry connoisseurs around the world for reading Gem Gossip.  The charity bracelet has been doing well, and I wanted to design one more item.  Had to do a headband since I haven’t been able to find one that I really like in stores, for a reasonable price.

Check out the Gem Gossip Head Band below and place your orders by sending an email inquiry to  or twitter me HERE.  Each headband is $15 plus S&H.  If you would like a 14k yellow gold bead added to your headband, add $50.

Photo 21

Two Thousand Nine



Happy New Year! Thanks to all who purchased a Gem Gossip Charity Bracelet in 2008! For 2009, we are looking to add a testimonial page–which will include photos of our customers wearing the bracelet (or bracelets!) So if you purchased, please send a photo–would love to have photos of pets with the bracelet in the picture somehow.

The email to send these to is:


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